Emperor of the Bronx 1990

George and Tony are two good fellas from the mean streets of New York. All they want is to make it to their 21st birthdays, but in their world of prostitutes, junkies and gangs, one wrong move can be their last!

Carnada 1980

A diver is hired to find a box of stolen diamonds that were lost during an air accident, having to deal with criminals and a killer shark in the process.

A Charming Killer

Taking place from the 1940's to the 1980's, Theodore Robert Bundy, also known as Ted Bundy, goes on a cross country killing spree, killing several young girls and women. During this time, he attends college, falls in love, discovers the truth about his parentage, and gets a job at the Seattle Suicide Hotline Crisis Center where he meets and works along side former police officer and aspiring true crime writer Ann Rule. Ted and Ann soon become friends and even though she is a former police officer she works along side the task force on the unsolved murders and unsolved missing person cases, unaware that her friend Ted is the one responsible for the crimes. No one Ted knows thinks he could be responsible for the crimes but when he is arrested the first time, everyone he knows wonders if he is responsible for the crimes.

Sleazy Rider 1973

A biker gang seeks revenge on a sheriff and his family after their women are searched for drugs in a way that's not very orderly... or, uh, sanitary. An original X rating due to rampant nudity and sleaze kept this off of most rental shelves during the video revolution. All subsequent bootleg DVDs have been sourced from a very rare Dutch VHS release, which was the only known release of this film on home video.

Black Tunnel 1986

The attempt to kill a guy connected to the mob fails when he and his assassins get trapped in a mountain tunnel.

The Firechasers 1971

Insurance investigator must find out who is setting fires. Along the way he meets and works with a beautiful newspaper reporter and falls in love.

The Black Wall 1989

A young gang member, discontented with his life, but not knowing how to sever ties with the gang he has grown up with is told he can only leave the gang by death. Starring and Directed by Lau Ga Yung of the Lau Brothers action family.