Gravity Falls 2012

Twin brother and sister Dipper and Mabel Pines are in for an unexpected adventure when they spend the summer helping their great uncle Stan run a tourist trap in the mysterious town of Gravity Falls, Oregon.

Paradise Falls 2001

Paradise Falls was a weekly soap opera shown nationally on the Showcase channel in Canada, starting in 2001. It is set in a summer cottage community in Central Ontario. Like many major US soaps, sex is a dominant part of the storylines. However, it shows much more of this than would be allowed by censors on mainstream broadcast networks. The show's open approach to sexual and homosexual themes caused reruns of the show to be carried on the American Here! channel, which targets gay and lesbian viewers. Like the soap Passions, murder and a little witchcraft are included in the mix of themes. Unlike the typical soap opera, the series was shot entirely on location on Sparrow Lake in Muskoka and Whitevale, Ontario, to give the show an authentic looking background. It was produced entirely in digital format, to reduce production costs, and allow for easier editing when adapted for foreign markets. The show's production company is Breakthrough Entertainment. The production schedule has been somewhat unorthodox and unpredictable for viewers. Originally 52 episodes were shot in a batch in 2001, then aired on Showcase. Then, new shows stopped appearing until 2004, leaving many to think the show was cancelled. A new batch of 26 episodes began to be aired in the fall of 2004. The show was recently renewed and shooting began on July 9, 2007 and ended on October 11, 2007. The 26 episodes started airing on April 11, 2008 on Here! and aired from September 2, 2009 on Showcase. The third season seems to be its last.

Empire Falls 2005

The humorous, poignant story of a declining New England town and its inhabitants, whose lives are deeply rooted in and influenced by the Knox River and its vacant mills, their class differences, and ghosts of the past.

Jennifer Falls 2014

Jennifer Doyle who must move back in with her own mom after being let go from her high-powered, six-figure salary job. With her teenage daughter in tow, Jennifer has to face her new life and figure out what the next steps are to rebuild.

Beaver Falls 2011

Beaver Falls is a British comedy-drama that follows a trio of Oxford Brookes University graduates who managed to deceitfully get jobs at Beaver Falls, an elitist American summer camp for the beautiful teenage offspring of California's rich and powerful. The first episode aired on E4 at 27 July 2011. The show was renewed for a second series, which aired on Monday 6 August, also on E4. On 22 September 2012, it was reported that E4 had cancelled Beaver Falls.

When a Snail Falls in Love 2016

Detective Ji Bai and new criminal profiler Xu Xu may seem like an awkward teacher-student pair at first glance, yet they are actually the best partners in the police force, solving one crime after another. Ji Bai slowly falls in love with Xu Xu, yet she is a girl who is as slow as a snail when it comes to love. Just as Xu Xu starts to reciprocate Ji Bai's feelings, the dormant "Angel's Killer" reappears.

Bright Falls 2010

A prequel to the highly anticipated Xbox 360 game Alan Wake, Bright Falls is an online series of live action shorts set in the fictitious Pacific Northwest town of Bright Falls, WA that provide an eerie prelude to the events that transpire before Alan Wakes arrival. The series, which is six episodes in length, introduces us to Jake Fischer, a newspaper reporter who, while visiting the town on business, encounters a series of mysterious and haunting experiences.

Century Falls 1993

Century Falls is a British cross-genre series broadcast in six twenty-five minute episodes on BBC1 in early 1993. Written by Russell T Davies, it tells the story of teenager Tess Hunter and her mother, who move to the seemingly idyllic rural village of Century Falls, only to find that it hides many powerful secrets.

Emerald Falls

Emerald Falls is a 2008 telemovie starring Georgie Parker, Vince Colosimo, Geoff Morrell, Catherine McClements, and in his television debut, Tom Green. Shot in Sydney, with exterior shots taken in the Blue Mountains, Emerald Falls was filmed in 2007. It was written by Tim Pye and Cathy Strickland, and directed by Peter Andrikidis.

Angel Falls

Angel Falls is a drama series that aired from August 26, 1993 to September 30, 1993.

Angel Falls 1993

Angel Falls is a drama series that aired from August 26, 1993 to September 30, 1993. The premise of the series is Rae Dawn Snow and her teenage son moving back to her Montana hometown after the death of her father.

Taking the Falls 1995

Taking the Falls was a Canadian dramedy series, which aired on CTV in the 1995-96 television season. The show starred Cynthia Dale as Terry Lane, a former police officer turned private investigator in Niagara Falls who solved crimes with the help of her lawyer friend Katherine MacVicar. The cast also included Alex Carter and Michael Copeman as police associates of Lane's.

The Tyrant falls in Love

A first year doctorate student in the agricultural science department at a university in Nagoya. Extremely hot-headed and violent, he has a reputation of being a tyrant to other students at the University and is not very social in result. After almost being raped by a gay professor and other bad experiences with homosexual men, he becomes extremely homophobic. Despite this, he unconsciously becomes deeply emotionally attached to his research assistant and friend, Morinaga, whom he is aware is homosexual but allows by his side on the agreement that his sexual orientation not be an issue. He tries to rationalize his dependency on Morinaga by convincing himself that having sex with him from time to time is essential to keep him in his life, although refusing to admit why he needs him in his life in the first place.

Four Feather Falls 1960

Four Feather Falls was the third puppet TV show produced by Gerry Anderson for Granada Television. It was based on an idea by Barry Gray, who also wrote the show's music. The series was the first to use an early version of Anderson's Supermarionation puppetry. Thirty-nine 13-minute episodes were produced, broadcast by Granada from February until November 1960. The setting is the late 19th-century fictional Kansas town of Four Feather Falls, where the hero of the series, Tex Tucker, is sheriff. The four feathers of the title refers to four magical feathers given to Tex by the Indian chief Kalamakooya as a reward for saving his grandson: two allowed Tex's guns to swivel and fire without being touched whenever he was in danger, and two conferred the power of speech on Tex's horse and dog. Tex's speaking voice was provided by Nicholas Parsons, and his singing voice by Michael Holliday. The series has never been repeated on British television, but it was released on DVD in 2005.

Hawkins Falls, Population 6200 1950

Hawkins Falls, Population 6200 is the first successful American television soap opera. Sponsored by Unilever's blue detergent, Surf, the program began as a one hour comedy-drama on June 17, 1950, and ran in prime time on the NBC network until October 12, 1950. On April 2, 1951, the series was moved to a fifteen-minute daytime slot, where it was retitled Hawkins Falls: A Television Novel, and developed into a soap opera format. Hawkins Falls ran until July 1, 1955, making it NBC's longest running soap opera until The Doctors exceeded it in 1967. The town of Hawkins Falls was patterned after the real-life town of Woodstock, Illinois.

When a Man Falls in Love 2013

When a Man Falls in Love is a 2013 South Korean television series, starring Song Seung-heon, Shin Se-kyung, Chae Jung-an, and Yeon Woo-jin. The story revolves around a world-weary gangster as his love life intertwines with three others, and how the course of their lives changes entirely based on one moment of fevered passion. It aired on MBC from April 3 to June 6, 2013 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 20 episodes.

Snow in August 2007

Three years ago on a raining day, Ban-suk goes out to find her husband, Wang-bae who is having an affair. That day, her son is killed in a hit-and-run and Dong-wu finds out his girlfriend, Mi-su has left him and their son. Three years later, Ban-suk gets out of a rest home and plans to seek revenge when her husband asks for a divorce. She decides to move to the same apartment complex where he and Hong-hwa are living together. Next door, Dong-wu, a part-time trainer at the gym Ban-suk is working at, is living there. Ban-suk sees Hong-hwa flirting with Dong-wu at the gym and is disappointed that Dong-wu goes along with that. She begins to see him as a playboy that her father and her husband were and hates him. Since then, they have conflicts about everything. Meanwhile, Dong-wu’s ex-girlfriend and his son’s birth mother, Mi-su gets in an accident at a club and gets help from Ban-suk’s brother, Jong-hyeok. One day, Ban-suk meets Dong-wu’s son and begins to understand who Dong-wu really is. After they realize they both have grudges against Ban-suk’s husband, Wang-bae, they become closer friends. When Dong-wu’s son treats her like his mother, Ban-suk is reminded of her dead son. Dong-wu, who is helping Ban-suk overcome her difficult past, falls in love with her without realizing that he’s the one who caused her pain three years ago.

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