Nathan - Free as a bird

Nathan Verhelst, a 44 year old man from Sint-Niklaas in Belgium, demands and receives euthanasia after several failed gender operations. Nathan was born as 'Nancy'. His backpack of life is filled with rejection and incest. Thinking of himself as a freak, he can't find peace as a woman nor as a man. Three doctors decide that his life quality issn't guaranteed anymore and give Nathan permission for euthanasia. After trying to convince him not to do it, his friends start to support him in his choice. Hoping he would feel loved again, and would find a reason to live. But Nathan doesn't change his mind. "I'm certain", he said, "for the full 300 procent". He went. Dancing. The lethal injection was given at the University Hospital in Brussels. Nathan suffered from unbearable psychic and physical pain.

Bremner, Bird and Fortune 1999

Bremner, Bird and Fortune is an award-winning satirical British television programme produced by Vera Productions for Channel Four, uniting the longstanding satirical team of John Bird and John Fortune with the satirical impressionist Rory Bremner, and to date has 16 series.

Maeterlinck's Blue Bird: Tyltyl and Mytyl's Adventurous Journey 1980

Maeterlinck's Blue Bird: Tyltyl and Mytyl's Adventurous Journey is a 1980 Japanese animated television series directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa, with character designs from Leiji Matsumoto. It is based on the play by Maurice Maeterlinck. The series was 26-episodes long when aired on Japanese television. An Office Academy production in association with Toei Animation, the series was produced by Yoshinobu Nishizaki and used many of the staff from Nishizaki's earlier Space Battleship Yamato.

Song Bird 1989

Song Bird is a historical drama television series produced by TVB and broadcast in Hong Kong in 1989. The story is based on the life of shidaiqu singer Zhou Xuan. The Chinese name of the TV series comes from one of the name of the song used in the 1937 film Street Angel.

3rd & Bird 2008

3rd & Bird is a British television programme aimed at young children, commissioned by Michael Carrington and broadcast on the BBC, which revolves around a community of birds and their adventures. The series premiered on CBeebies in June 2008. Described in its initial press release as "a charming new animated series all about community", the programme format generally involves one or more of the characters encountering a problem which must be solved using the social skills which pre-school children must develop in order to make their way in the world. The show is also currently airing on Disney Junior, until formerly by Let's All Be There. 3rd & Bird was created by Josh Selig for Little Airplane Productions. Like Selig's previous venture, Wonder Pets, the show uses an animation style known as "photo-puppetry", in which the animation is created by the use of manipulation of photographs.

Bird of Prey 1982

Bird of Prey is a British techno-thriller television serial written by Ron Hutchinson and produced by Michael Wearing and Bernard Krichefski for the BBC in 1982. The series starred Richard Griffiths as humble civil servant Henry Jay, who finds himself drawn into a strange conspiracy involving the mysterious Le Pouvoir organisation. A sequel, Bird of Prey 2 followed in 1984. Another major character was Henry's wife Anne, played by Carole Nimmons. Bird of Prey and Bird of Prey 2 were released together on DVD9 x 2, BBC 2 Entertain, CCTV30316 in 2006.

Wattoo Wattoo Super Bird 1978

Wattoo Wattoo Super Bird is a French cartoon series created in 1978. Consisting of 60 five-minute episodes, the series was intended to teach morals to children. The eponymous Wattoo Wattoo is a black and white ovoid bird. He comes from a cube-shaped planet called Auguste. In the first episode he becomes aware of the very stupid and extremely wasteful race called Zwas. The Zwas are goose-like creatures that live on the Earth in cities very much like our own. They have exaggerated human characteristics, they are irascible, badly behaved and generally thoughtless. The Zwas are not without kindness however and many of them keep pets called Credo who are spheroid cats, dogs and other similar creatures. Often the actions of the Zwas puts the Credos in danger. Throughout the series Wattoo Wattoo helps the Zwas overcome their problems through the use of his seemingly magical powers. He is able to transform himself into any shape. Should he need the help of others of his race he has only to whistle. Other identical birds respond to the call and come down from space like comets. As they fly down they vibrate and duplicate themselves until they are a flock ready to take on whatever challenge is required of them.

Fiddley Foodle Bird

The Fiddley Foodle Bird was a British children's animated musical series written by Jonathan Hodge, and narrated by Bruce Forsyth. Thirteen episodes of the series were made in total, with one story continuing through the episodes. They were made in 1991 and broadcast in 1992 on BBC One at 4:15. It was produced by H.A.P.P.Y. Animation and Fiddley Foodle Bird Productions in association with HIT Entertainment and was broadcast in over 30 different countries worldwide. The show also continued airing on the BBC until 2001.

The Wingless Bird 1997

On the eve of World War I, Agnes Conway manages both the business and the problems of her troubled family. She finds the strength to break class barriers and help her sister Jessie marry a good boy from a family of dockside toughs. Is she strong enough to break them again when Charles Farrier, a gentleman, courts her over his parents' opposition? Agnes faces an added dilemma when she finds her heart divided between Charles and his soldier brother Reginald.

Charlie Bird Explores

Charlie Bird Explores is the title of a series of documentary films shot by RTÉ News and Current Affairs chief news correspondent Charlie Bird, in which the reporter sets off to explore some of the most beautiful and remote places in the far corners of the planet Earth and moans about having to do so. The series broadcast over a number of years features Bird's adventures in the Arctic, the Ganges and the Amazon. The documentaries are produced by Crossing the Line Films. For his Amazon journey, Bird crossed South America from ocean to ocean, tracing the course of the Amazon River and, somewhat annoyingly to many viewers, complaining about everything associated with the Amazon along the way. En route he tells the story of this region and how it plays a crucial role in global warming and environment change. For his Ganges trek, Bird took a path from the sea to the river's source, battling from the Bay of Bengal to the Himalayas along the river. In the Arctic, filmed in 2008, Bird met the Inuit community in Grise Fiord, Nunavut.

Flu Bird Horror

Flu Bird Horror is a 2008 made-for-television horror Sci Fi Pictures original film written by Tony Daniel and Brian D. Smith, and directed by Leigh Scott. It first aired on The Sci-Fi Channel on August 23, 2008, and was released to DVD as Flu Birds on September 30, 2008. The film's reviews were negative to mixed. Reviewers note the film for being representative of low-budget films being created for and aired on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Birdsong 2012

A World War I soldier who finds himself fighting in the area where he had an illicit affair before the war.

Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America

Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America is an ABC two-hour TV movie which first aired May 9, 2006 in which an American businessman visiting China is infected and carries the deadly mutated bird flu virus back via jetliner to the USA, soon it spreads throughout the country then the rest of the world. Before the movie ends, riots erupt, armed mobs try to hijack vaccines and authorities predict that up to 350 million people will die worldwide."

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