Superstars 2008

Film Rattapoom stars as a young man who has skated by his whole life on just his good looks. A stocking-cap-clad hipster, he can dance and choreograph. He's demonstrating his latest creation, "Kung Fu Hiphop", at an audition. But it doesn't go so well - one of his sneakers flies off and hits one of the judges in the face. But worst of all, Film's character Tom has to speak, and it's an atrociously grating high-pitched, hoarse squeak that can barely be understood. And it's devastatingly funny to watch the superstar singer-actor Film carry on in such a way, playing for laughs. Tom is best friends with Teung, who has just lost his job as a telemarketer. Teung is pretty much the opposite of Tom, being, in the words of another of the film's characters, "short, dark, fat and smelly." But Teung has a great voice and is a talented composer.

Doodlebops: Superstars

The Doodlebops are kids' favorite music band that your child will love singing and dancing to! This musical TV series for children stars Deedee, Rooney and Moe Doodle - three multi-talented musicians in a band who are always singing, dancing and learning from each other. Join The Doodlebops as they hang out and practice their song and dance routines in the coolest rehearsal spaces imaginable, and travel from show to show in their superfun tour bus! The Doodlebops will get kids twisting, turning, bopping and learning with their upbeat energetic music and funny stories. The DVD includes 4 episodes along with music videos, 4 sing-alongs, and 3 music videos. The TV show airs daily on Playhouse Disney.

Teenage Superstars 2017

Grant McPhee's sequel to Big Gold Dream picks up where the previous film left off, and continues its thrilling tour of the pre-Britpop, Scottish music scene. It features bands, such as The Bluebells, The Pastels, The Soup Dragons and an early incarnation of Teenage Fanclub; plenty of rich archive footage; and fascinating interviews with some of the key people of the time, including Edwyn Collins, Bobby Gillespie, Jim Reid, Sean Dickson, Eugene Kelly and Alan McGee.

Desert Superstars 2011

Across thousands of years the camel has quite literally led the advent of modern day in the Middle East and now the time has come to acknowledge this magnificent animal for its contribution to humanity. Perhaps nowhere else on earth is this creature more recognized and celebrated, than at the annual Camel Festival and Beauty Contest in Al Dhafrah, Abu Dhabi.

Cartoon Superstars

1. Boo Moon 2. The Enchanged Square 3. In the Zoo 4. Bored of Education 5. One Good Turn 6. Feudin, Fuss's Hillgully 7. Pantry Panic 8. Quack-A-Doodle-Do 9. A Date to Skate 10. Poor Cinderella

NBA Superstars 2

Your Favorite NBA superstar highlights backed by the latest music videos

Superstars of Yesteryear

Check out the wrestling masters of days gone by as they hurl their opponents against the ropes and administer bone-crunching body slams. This collection of classic bouts features the superstars of yesteryear in some of the greatest bouts ever captured on film. There's plenty of action with Nick Bockwinkle, Curt Henning, the Fabulous Freebirds, Bob Orton, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Jerry Lawler and many other squared-circle superstars.

WWF: Before They Were Superstars 2002

In no-holds-barred interviews, backed up with tons of exclusive footage, learn what Kurt Angle, Stacy Keibler, Christian, Edge, Lita, Spike Dudley, Mighty Molly, the Hardy Boyz, Bradshaw, William Regal, and Billy Gunn did before joining the WWF and becoming world-famous celebrities and WWF superstars. Which two WWF Superstars have been best friends since sixth grade? Who preceded his WWF career as a bull rider in a rodeo? Which WWF Superstar has pursued a show biz career since the age of 3? DVD extras include rings debuts and early matches as well as Edge & Christian's winter fun, Bradshaw's bear wrestling days, Spike's hardcore childhood, and a story where Kurt Angle gets 50 cents.

Superstars of 70’s Soul

When you think of the top names in soul, performers such as Patti LaBelle, The Stylistics and The Commodores certainly come to mind. They're all featured, along with many more top stars, in this PBS production that will have you off the couch and shakin' your booty to the likes of "Disco Inferno" (Earl Young's Tramps) and "Brick House" (The Commodores) or slow dancing to hits such as "Oh Girl" (The Chi-Lites) and "Always and Forever" (Heatwave).

WWE: Before They Were Superstars 2002

Get an inside look at the early lives and careers of some of the WWE's superstars with this fascinating program. The wrestlers talk about their childhood and the road to fame, with family members often adding their insights. Learn how these fighters toughed out the hard times and made it to the top. Included are Kurt Angle, Edge, Christian, Lita, the Hardy Boyz, William Regal, Spike Dudley, Mighty Molly, Bradshaw, Stacy Keibler and Billy Gunn.

Schwarzenegger's Superstars of Muscle 1991

A look into the world of male bodybuilding, set against the backdrop of the 1990 Mr Olympia, featuring interviews with all the top champions and co-presented by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

MLB Superstars Show You Their Game 2005

Valuable tips and memorable exchanges from MLB's biggest stars are exposed through the eyes of Jennie Finch, MLB's This Week In Baseball correspondent and Olympic pitching great. Jennie gets exclusive one-on-one fitness advice, fielding guidelines, hitting instructions, pitching tips and behind-the-scenes secrets from the biggest stars in MLB, such as Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens, Albert Pujols, Steve Finley, Larry Walker, Mike Piazza, Tony Gwynn, Cal Ripken Jr. and more!

WWE Superstars 2009

WWE Superstars is a professional wrestling television program produced by WWE that originally aired on WGN America in the United States. It debuted on April 16, 2009 and ended its domestic broadcasting on April 7, 2011. After the final domestic TV broadcast the show moved to an internet broadcast format while maintaining a traditional television broadcast in international markets. The show features mid-to-low card WWE superstars and divas, in a format similar to the former show WWE Heat which served the same purpose. Big names such as John Cena and Randy Orton previously appeared on the show at its beginning. The show also previously featured talent from the now-defunct ECW brand.


Superstars is an all-around sports competition that pits elite athletes from different sports against one another in a series of athletic events resembling a decathlon. Points are awarded for the position in which the competitor places in each event. The competitor with the most points at the end of all ten events is declared the champion. On the original ABC version, an athlete could compete in up to seven events, but no athlete was permitted to compete in the sport of his or her profession. In the World, International, European and British versions of the contest, athletes would compete in 8 out of 10 events, with no-one generally allowed to take part in their own sport, although some handicapping rules did apply. The idea was developed by 1948 and 1952 Olympic figure skating champion Dick Button. He shopped the idea to all three U.S. television networks, and ABC bought it as a special for the winter of 1973. The first Superstars competition was held in Rotonda West, Florida in March 1973 and was won by pole vaulter Bob Seagren. The BBC covered the competition and aired their own programme, featuring British athletes on 31 December 1973, which was won by 400 metre hurdles Olympic champion David Hemery. Television broadcasts of the competitions were popular both in Europe and North America in the 1970s and 1980s. Further events featuring European athletes started from 1975, with six World Superstars championships taking place from 1977 to 1982.

WWF Superstars of Wrestling 2002

WWF Superstars of Wrestling was a professional wrestling television program produced by the World Wrestling Federation. It debuted on September 6, 1986. Superstars, as it would later be known, was the flagship program of the WWF's syndicated programming from its inception until the premiere of Monday Night Raw in 1993.

Sajid's Superstars

Sajid's Superstars is an Indian television talk show that aired on the TV channel Colors, mainly featuring celebrities from Hindi or Bollywood cinema. Sajid Khan is the host of the show and its first season was aired in between July 2008 and October 2008.

WWF Superstars

Each week, watch the top wwf superstars do battle in the squared circle

Mummy Ke Superstars

Amul Voice of India – Mummy Ke Superstars is an Indian television talent show for child singers on the Star Plus channel. A feature of the show is that all of the contestants are accompanied by their mothers. The show is hosted by Akriti Kakkar and Ali Asgar, with Shubha Mudgal, Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani as judges.

Dance Ke Superstars

Dance Ke Superstars is the fifth season of the Dance India Dance series being aired on Zee TV. The show features contestants from Season 1 competing against contestants from Season 2 and also features a few contestants from Dance India Dance Li'l Masters. This show has been produced by UTV Software Communications and features choreographer Shiamak Davar as its judge. The show is hosted by Manish Paul.

Superstars on the Superstation

Superstars on the Superstation was a televised professional wrestling show, filmed in advance at the Omni in Atlanta, Georgia, airing on TBS on February 7, 1986. It was presented by Jim Crockett Promotions. The premise behind the show was that fans could vote for the "dream matches" of their choice. Three of the bouts were dark matches, but the final four matches were televised. The event drew 10,000 fans to the Omni, while the broadcast had a Nielsen rating of 3.2. One of the televised matches ended in a disqualification when Baron Von Raschke and Krusher Khruschev interfered on behalf of Ivan and Nikita Koloff to attack the Road Warriors. Three National Wrestling Alliance titles were defended at the event. Dusty Rhodes successfully defended his NWA National Heavyweight Championship against Tully Blanchard when the match ended in a time limit draw. After the match, he argued with Blanchard's manager, J.J. Dillon, which allowed Blanchard to attack him from behind. Despite not winning the title belt officially, Blanchard took it with him as he left the ring. Ric Flair defeated Ron Garvin to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Championship when the referee did not notice that Garvin's foot was on the bottom rope, which should have invalidated the pinfall. The NWA World Tag Team Championship changed hands as Bobby Eaton of the The Midnight Express pinned Ricky Morton of The Rock 'n' Roll Express to win the title. The ending to the match was controversial, however, as Eaton's partner, Dennis Condrey, hit Morton with a tennis racket to enable Eaton to score the pinfall.

Superstars of Dance 2008

Superstars of Dance was an American reality television show that debuted on January 4, 2009 on NBC. The show featured dance routines from eight different countries from six continents. It was hosted by Michael Flatley, co-creator of Riverdance and creator of Lord of the Dance, and was co-hosted by former Miss USA title holder Susie Castillo. It was created by executive producers Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller, co-producers of So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol. On May 19, 2009, it was announced that NBC would not be ordering a second season of the show.

i-Generation Superstars of Wrestling

i-Generation Wrestling Superstars of Wrestling was a small series of professional wrestling shows in 2000. The roster consisted of wrestlers who had previously achieved fame in other promotions. The tour promoted a World Championship, an International Championship and a Tag Team Championship. i-Generation performed one tour of Australia. One event was filmed and broadcast as a pay-per-view event, later released on video. The show featured Dennis Rodman in the main event, and was advertised as Rodman Down Under.

Hanna-Barbera Superstars 10

Hanna-Barbera Superstars 10 is an anthology series of ten animated TV movies produced by Hanna-Barbera for syndication and ran from 1987 to 1988 as part of The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera's 3rd and 4th season, featuring Hanna-Barbera's popular animated characters, Yogi Bear, The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, The Jetsons, Huckleberry Hound and Top Cat, starring in feature-length adventures.

The Legend of Stars 1986

Schoolgirl Hikari has two loves: rhythmic gymnastics and Ohishi, a schoolmate who is one of the best gymnasts in his league. Natsukawa, Hikari's childhood friend, plays in a band called Mr.D. Over the years, he has come to love Hikari very deeply. Will Hikari gain Ohishi's love? Or will Natsukawa win her over?

Fast Cars and Superstars: The Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race 2007

Fast Cars & Superstars: Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race was an ABC reality television series featuring twelve celebrities in a stock car auto racing competition. Directed by Michael John Warren, the branded series was a coproduction between television commercial production company, television producer Michael Davies, advertising agency BBDO and Gillette. The series debuted on June 7, 2007 and aired on the same night as a game in the 2007 NBA Finals. It aired at 8 p.m. Eastern time, 7 p.m. Central time, and postgame in the Mountain and Pacific time zones. The June 24 finale aired at 8 ET/PT and 7 CT/MT as the finals had ended by this time, with the San Antonio Spurs being crowned champions. The event was taped at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina, using cars provided by the Jeff Gordon racing school. Kenny Mayne and Brad Daugherty were the hosts. Corey LaCosta from the racing school was the celebrities' driving instructor and head official for the competition. In an interesting sidelight, the promos that aired in the Mountain and Pacific zones mention the show aired after the "basketball finals," not giving the NBA's name or initials. This was because, despite the exclusive rights to air the finals, ABC could not mention the NBA in connection to this show's leadout. A possible reason was that Gillette is the title sponsor of this series; it is a competing product to Schick, a NBA sponsor at that time.

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